The Library is Still One of My Favourite Places

Few things please me more than spending time in a library. Books, books, books!

Young boy in library

Few things please me more than spending time in a library. Books, books, books!

Having so many books all around you can be quite invigorating. The colours, the cover artwork and that special evocative smell that books have. Treasure-hunting for a particular topic or author. Or just browsing randomly waiting for something cool to pop out at you. It’s all good!

And, these days, libraries are not the rather staid and silent institutions that they once were. People don’t tiptoe quietly in libraries anymore. They chat and linger. Read and relax in comfortable lounge chairs. Get connected and work on their laptops.

Children are welcome and excitedly run ahead of their parents to the colourful kid’s section. I love to see enthusiastic kids in libraries. It gives me hope for the future.

Library technology has changed greatly as well. Many libraries have now gone fully self-checkout. Just swipe your library card, place your chosen books under the scanner, and you’re good to go. No more checkout queues. And returning books is even easier. Just place your books on the smart shelf and the computer records their return in seconds.

If I was rich, I think I’d designate a large room in my house as the library and install floor to ceiling shelves all around. With a luxurious leather lounge chair in the middle just for reading. And then I’d have great fun stocking those shelves with tons of great and rare books.

But, in the meantime, a fantastic repository of wonderful books is just a short drive away. And, it’s all completely free!