Deathly Demon Glaring

My Heart Does Quake in Fright — A Horror Poem

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While out my window staring
When the moon lights up the night
I see a demon glaring
And my heart does quake in fright

Is the demon but a dreaming
Just a shadow in my mind?
Shall I soon wake up still screaming
With the demon left behind?

But it’s not a dream, I’m fearing
For I stand here wide awake
And the demon now is nearing
Its deathly needs to slake

Oh precious life so fleeting
Is this my time for death?
Will my heart forget its beating
When I feel the demon’s breath

Then the demon’s fangs are tearing
And terror floods my mind
My soul it is despairing
As I leave my life behind

My mortal soul is dying
And my mortal blood does fall
My mortal mind is crying
As the demon takes it all

But my human shape is shifting
As the demon blood does flow
My leather wings are lifting
And my demon eyes do glow

I am now a demon glaring
I watch you in the night
Your frightened eyes are staring
Your heart does break in fright

First published on Medium on April 1, 2019