Beach with dog and man
Beach Light - © Brett M. Christensen


I was born in Sydney, Australia in 1963. I grew up travelling around the country with my parents.

From 2003, I operated the website Hoax-Slayer, which provided information about Internet hoaxes, online scams, malware, and other computer security issues.

For many years, Hoax-Slayer was my living and my passion, but, in May 2021, I decided to close the site down and focus on other projects. I now work full time at the Qantas Founders Museum in Longreach, Queensland, Australia.

I live with our little dog Lilly and my wise and beautiful soulmate, Deborah.

Our children are all grown up and doing grown-up things like working and having babies.

I like to take and edit photographs. I like to sketch. I like to play guitar and read and walk and learn new things and visit new places.

I also like to write short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction. This blog is a new home for my writing.

Writing is a continual journey for me and I still have much to learn. But, I do hope you find something here that you enjoy!

Thanks for reading!

Brett Christensen